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Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway Signage

In an effort to teach visitors about our local wildlands and the roles fire, erosion, and flooding play in our forests and daily lives, we partnered with Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway to install informational signs at the top of Angus Hill. Check them out the next time you’re on NM Highway 48!

Bureau of Land Management Lot Thinning

This is a before and after shot of a lot thinning project we did for the Bureau of Land Management in Timberon. Clearing out the brush and overgrowth around their building discourages fire to spread near them because there’s far less flammable material for it to burn. Wildfire preparedness is year-round, and that includes keeping lots thinned!

Removing Damaged Trees from Ski Apache

To support a healthier forest, we worked with the National Forest Foundation and Ski Apache to remove spruce beetle damaged trees from the Ski Area. The project allowed us to remove infected hazard trees, making it safer for skiers on the mountain. The goal was to reduce beetle populations so our beautiful Engelmann Spruce can continue to thrive. Working together, we accomplished great things!

Clearing Infected Trees from Trestle Recreation Area

The conifer trees around the Trestle Recreation Area near Cloudcroft were infected with dwarf mistletoe in 2021. Dwarf mistletoe is a well-known tree-killing parasite common in southwest forests, and the best way to get rid of it is to remove infected trees before it spreads. We worked with the Sacramento Ranger District to help remove any sick trees across 11 acres in and around the Trestle Recreation Area.

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