South Central Mountain Resource
Conservation & Development Council

Helping People Help the Land

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the RC&D acronym stand for?

Resource Conservation and Development Council

How is the program authorized?

The RC&D program was authorized by congress with the passage of the Food and Agriculture Act of 1962. Each RC&D Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What are some basic concepts of the RC&D program?

Concepts that make the program exceptionally well suited to local initiatives include:
  • Recognizing the value of public/private partnerships to make the best uses of limited resources.
  • Using grass-roots involvement to make decisions about local issues.
  • Bringing USDA agencies together to focus on problems and opportunities.
  • Leveraging limited federal dollars with private funds and other resources to accomplish goals.
  • Working towards the goal of community sustainability.
  • Promoting rural economic development and stability while protecting natural resources.

Who can get involved with RC&Ds?

Individuals, businesses, public or private organizations.

What is the slogan of the RC&D?

“Helping People Help the Land”

How many RC&Ds are there?

There are over 300 RC&Ds throughout the country and each is locally organized, sponsored, and local people are the decision makers.

How many RC&Ds are there in New Mexico and how are they designated and named?

Eight – Generally designated by groups of counties and named for geographic features or well known references for the area. They are: HUB; NORTHERN RIO GRANDE; ADELANTE; EL LLANO ESTACADO; BLACK RANGE; JORNADA; SURESTE; AND SOUTH CENTRAL MOUNTAIN. SCM includes Lincoln and Otero counties and sometimes works with other RC&Ds to collaborate on projects.

What about the South Central Mountain RC&D?

The SCM RC&D received its nonprofit status in 1992. It covers 7.3 million acres or about 11,458 square miles of Lincoln and Otero Counties. SCMRC&D plans and carries out activities that increase conservation of natural resources, support economic development, and enhance the environment and standard of living in local communities. SCM RC&D generally offers services at no cost and works hard to find funding for various projects and community activities as well as offering technical advice and help in grant writing, project organization and implementation. Current projects include:

  • Hazardous Fuels reduction Cost Share in Otero County.
  • Otero county Wildland Urban Interface defensible space Cost Share.
  • Ruidoso Municipal Schools “Outdoor Laboratory Learning Center”
  • USFS “Comprehensive Trails Master Plan” for Cloudcroft and Alamogordo
  • Ruidoso River Trail - Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway
  • Smokey Bear Historical Park interpretive signage
  • Historic Lincoln “Firewise” fuels reduction
  • Local contractor capability and capacity enhancement project
  • Biomass and other renewable energy projects
  • Green business development projects

How can volunteers participate and/or join our Council?

Contact an officer here.

Our Vision:

A council that is financially stable and is comprised of motivated volunteers who provide leadership to the Council and their communities to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through the development of human, natural and economic resources.

Our Mission:

A non-profit organization that utilizes the resourcefulness and skills of its members to improve the natural resources, educational opportunities and socio-economics of our citizens and communities.