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In February, 1968, Howard Harkey reported to the RC&D Steering Committee the following: "During the past five months, the South Central Mountain RC&D District has come into existence. What was just an idea in the minds of the supervisors of the three Soil and Water Conservation Districts (Carrizozo, Otero and Upper Hondo) is now a reality."

The South Central Mountain RC&D was formed on September 21, 1967 and officially authorized on January 8, 1976. The office was established in Carrizozo, New Mexico and a "Project Conservationist", Howard (Harve) Abercrombie, was assigned in June,1970.

The South Central Mountain RC&D Council is officially recognized by the State of New Mexico as a nonprofit corporation and has been granted federal tax exempt status(501(c)(3)) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The South Central Mountain RC&D is led by a: local eight member, all volunteer council which represent sponsors consisting of soil and water conservation districts (SWCD's),
towns, counties, and other units of government. They team up with other agencies and groups to adopt a project proposal, procure funding for it, and carry it through to completion to solve local problems and satisfy local needs as a team effort through
partnerships. The area covered by the South Central Mountain RC&D today is as it was in the late 1960's, including Lincoln and Otero Counties. Sponsoring organizations pay nominal annual dues for membership and voting privileges.

Project proposal initiation must be presented by a sponsoring organization, which then presents it at a regular scheduled Council meeting. In this way, the South Central Mountain RC&D addresses local needs by uniting local community developers, various units of government, and grassroots organizations to collaborate on projects to attain sustainability and wise use of our local water, land, community and environmental resources.


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Our Vision:

A council that is financially stable and is comprised of motivated volunteers who provide leadership to the Council and their communities to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through the development of human, natural and economic resources.

Our Mission:

A non-profit organization that utilizes the resourcefulness and skills of its members to improve the natural resources, educational opportunities and socio-economics of our citizens and communities.